Dance To My Rhythm: A Health, Wellness, Dance and Fitness Company

About Us

A Dance Studio and Fitness Studio Located in Valrico Florida , Dance to My Rhythm Specializes in Health, Wellness, Dance and Fitness Programs, which include Kids and Adult Dance and Fitness Classes, Salsa Group, Samba Group,  Ballroom Classes, Fitness, Personal Training, Wedding Choreography, and other specialized Choreography.  Dance To My Rhythm also provides dance lessons including Salsa lessons for the tri state and surrounding areas such as Nutley NJ, GlenRidge NJ, Newark NJ, Bloomfield NJ, etc.




Dance To My Rhtyhm focuses on teaching children various styles and techniques in all forms of dance including BALLET, LYRICAL JAZZ, BALLROOM, LATIN, HIP-HOP , and more.  Our instuctors are certified and are professionally trained in all styles of dance.  We stand out from other studios because we believe in not only teaching KIDS/TEENS how to dance, but we believe in building SELF-CONFIDENCE, SOCIAL SKILLS, and TEAM WORK. 


ALL KIDS/TEENS in our program are taught how to work with other children and how to perform on stage.  Every year, we build KIDS/TEENS confidence by joining in on the ALL STARS TALENT PROGRAM, where our students get the chance to rehearse/audition on stage and then give a final performance.  During that time, KIDS/TEENS are asked also to participate in a SELF-DEVELOPMENT workshop.  If you are interested in our classes please see the link below:


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Click Here for our schedule of ADULT CLASSES


Dance to my Rhythm was founded by Shevon James, a very passionate and enthusiastic dance instructor, choreographer, and personal trainer. At an early age Shevon was drawn to dance and over the years became truly committed to studying various forms of this beautiful art. Dedicating his life to dance, Shevon decided to spread his love and passion for dance by training clients.


He began seeing clients personally and teaching classes in small settings in order for people to gain the personal attention that they desired. After several years of teaching and training, his service repertoire now expands to choreography for sweet 16s, weddings, line dancing for private parties, personal dance fitness training, personal training, as well as private, couples, and group ballroom lessons. His studios are located in Central New Jersey, which includes Hamilton New Jersey and Belleville New Jersey.


“Most of the time when people dance or personal train with me it’s because they are going through a change in their life. Some just come because they want to learn to dance, firm up on technique, lose weight, are retired, seeking a hobby, preparing for a celebration, or just want to have fun. And some are going through a difficult time such as a divorce, grieving a death in the family, soul searching, or are simply looking for an area to fill a void in their life. Either way, it is amazing to see a change in their overall presence after several weeks of dancing. I love seeing my clients go through a positive change. They become relaxed, confident, more in tune with themselves and you can see the radiance shine through them. It truly is amazing, and I know this positivity spreads into their personal, social, and professional lives” says Shevon.


Dance to my Rhythm not only focuses on style and technique of dancing, but it also includes personal training and fitness classes.


Certified by NETA, Shevon decided to combine both personal training and dance together because his clients expressed their desire to lose weight, tone, or sculpt but disliked going to the gym. Attending classes or training/dancing with Shevon has its advantages and sets him apart from other trainers and ballroom dancers. For example, some of his clients have pre-existing conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart issues and etc. Because he is trained professionally in ballroom dance and is certified as a personal trainer he is able to customize and modify a dance fitness routine for the individual, while paying close attention to their stamina and overall physical well being. “There are many health benefits to dancing,” says Shevon. “Dancing makes your brain work, while losing weight, and having fun” (See Health Benefits)

If you don’t like going to the gym or would like to learn how to dance and you are interested in

  • Salsa
  • Samba
  • Merengue
  • Bachata
  • Tango/Argentine
  • Waltz
  • Fox Trot
  • Hustle
  • Cumbia
  • Cha Cha Cha
  • Swing
  • Rumba
  • Mambo
  • Hip-Hop, Belly Dance
  • Street/Urban Jazz